I’m here sitting on my couch waiting for the first significant rain of the winter season here in the Bay Area. Well, any rain fall over .00001 is significant to Californians!  This is the time of year I really miss my hometown back in Pennsylvania. The fall leaves, the crispness in the air, the smell of the forest and how you could smell rain in the air. “Memories, light the corner of my mind….”


Well, since the rain seems a bit delayed I decided that I’ll post some Fall decorated pictures of my front porch.  The pumpkin topiaries  are from my Halloween decor, and since they don’t look like they’re decaying, I’ll keep them up.  The mums are actually lasting longer than usual. I usual kill them within a couple weeks, so the garden angels must be taking pity on me!


Well, Thanksgiving is around the corner, then BAM, Christmas. Yikes, I’m not ready mentally for that. Hopefully, the weather will get aligned with the season and help me get into the holiday spirit.

So, have a cuppa and enjoy the colors of fall while they last…

IMG_2219 IMG_2218 IMG_2223