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Yea, I said it: Girl Cave! Why should men have all the fun. Why do they get a room specifically for the purpose of relaxing, watching their sports, drinking beer and generally a place where the guys feel that they can act like teenagers again without a certain someone yelling at them to put that can of beer on a coaster!

My husband has his home office but I never really have a place to put my sewing machine, ironing board, craft and fabric material and the general tchotchkes I’ve been hoarding collecting! So I bit the bullet and bought a couple of pieces of furniture from the Home Collectors’s website, specifically the Martha Stewart Living Craft collection.

It was a pain to keep hauling my sewing machine downstairs to my kitchen table then having to clean and haul everything back upstairs. Or most times, just leaving a project and all the clutter sitting on the table for a week or so (okay maybe a month…).

Here’s a sneak peek that I’m starting with:




So, onward and upward is my mantra for the next few weeks…
I’ll post a completion photo when, well heck, when it’s complete!