Hello All!

Finally, getting some down time from both work and home. It’s just too long between my blog posts and it’s driving me crazy. This past week didn’t help as my hubby went into the hospital for 4 days for pneumonia and the flu. I kept bugging him to get the flu shot but as usually, he kept putting it off. Typical.

In the mean time, I finally found some time to play with my new sewing machine that my honey got me for Christmas. Yeaaaaa! I love it. I’m very ‘by the book’ when I get something, so I took forever just reading the manual and making sure that I understood what each of the buttons is. It’s nothing fancy though. I told Mr. S. that I didn’t want a big, fancy, expensive machine. I don’t do anything complex and it’s mostly for repairs and some home projects.

I had some left over black toile from a previous project (pillow covers for the front porch bench). I decided to sew up a quick pillow cover for the family room chair to match the previously mentioned bench pillow that I brought in. I also bought a couple of pillow cases from Pottery Barn.  I’ve been looking FOREVER for pillow covers with a color palette that would tie in the wall colors from the family room and kitchen since it’s an open space.

Lots of pictures, so sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy.


The valances in this room are going to get swapped out for white panels from PB also. I love toile but the previous owner had formal window treatments  and a lot of french country going on which was a little too much for me. I had pulled down the panels but left the valance until I could figure out what I wanted to do. New pillows from PB

Once the panels are in, I’m planning on getting a brushed nickel rod from Lowe’s. I figure that the white panels will give me a more casual vibe. I had fallen in love with panels from Ballard Designs. They were burlap with a white damask design but their backorder time frame was ridiculous.

Family room, pillows New PB pillows Spring pillows

Still have a number of updates I want to take care of. The biggest and most expensive of course is getting all wood floors put down throughout the house. In the mean time, I still would like to get the chunky, wool jute rug from PB to lay down on top of the carpet. I need to bring some texture down to the floor. I don’t like the mirror behind the loveseat but until I figure out what to do…..

I also want to find a bigger side table to fit between the sofa and loveseat.

Here is the pillow cover I made. The material wasn’t long enough to create a true envelope style. So I tacked the opening down and added some ‘bling’ but using some buttons that I had.

Spring pillow makeover

Pillow bling! Toile pillow case

I had a smitchen’ of material left and created a little bag. I just used some left over welting to create the tie. I use it to hold the sewing machine petals, instruction book and such.

I caught my kitty, Chai, peeking into the bag. She’s such a love bug. She was just watching and hanging with me as I fiddled around. Toile sewing bag

Kitty curiosity! "You sure there ain't any kitty treats in here?"

I updated the mantle a bit. Just kinda’ moved some of the stuff around. I put the topiaries into the mercury vases that I had. I also added in my little cricket purchase. He’s so cute. I believe it’s good luck to have a cricket by the hearth!Spring mantel

Post holiday mantel updates

Post holiday mantel updates

IMG_1441 IMG_1442 IMG_1443 IMG_1444 IMG_1445

Well, that’s it for now. I’m hoping my panels get here soon. I want to get some rooms finished. I’m planning the design for the white panels that will be going in the kitchen and nook area. Stay tuned!

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