This Christmas was especially important to me. The last few years, it seems that Christmas has come and gone and I never got the chance to really enjoy the season nor get that moment of quiet and reflection needed to really appreciate why I celebrate this holiday in the first place. (sorry for the long sentence!)

This year, I was determined to spend some moments in reflection of why I love this season so much. So while many of us think of this…

Coca Cola Santa! Image by Haddon Sundblom.

Coca Cola Santa! Image by Haddon Sundblom.

and this…

Iconic Santa


This is really what it is truly all about…

Nativity scene


I love everything about the season, and yes I love Rudolph and Elf, the hustle and bustle, the presents and the feasting, family gatherings and the general craziness that goes on. But I now make sure to take a few breaks during the season to reflect on the ‘reason for the season’,  My belief in our Lord, Jesus Christ and that His birth brought Hope into this world and His death brought salvation.
So I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and that the peace of our Lord be with you all.