Child carried by Angel

It has been very hard to accept that so many children were taken in such a horrendous manner. I’ve cried and I’ve been very angry. I’m devastated for the moms and dads and grandmas and granddads and aunts and uncles and brothers and sisters that have to accept that someone they love won’t be coming home to them anymore.

It has been my faith that allows me to find some peace and I hope that it brings some measure of comfort to the families. When I saw the above picture, it just reflected so much on what I truly believe. Those babes were immediately caught up in the arms of angels and welcomed home to the Father. Immense joy and love surrounded those little boys and girls. Our Lord Jesus gathered each of them close to his heart with a big hug.

Although they were only here on earth for such a short time with their loved ones, take comfort that all will be together for eternity.

My prayers are with all. Please reach out to those that love you and hug them close.

When life gives you more than you can stand_kneel