Yup, I’ve been away far too long from my blog. Lots of changes on the home front and some of it depressing, so it’s been hard to get motivated to do much. But I finally feel that I’ve got things moving again and can get some updates written up. Last I posted, I was working on updating my vanity stool. It was an opportunity to work on my sewing skills as well as work with the famous “Home Depot drop cloth” as so many DIY bloggers are familiar with.

Here is a reminder of what I started with. The ottoman is definately a bit more formal than the look I’m going for. So many folks out in blog land that are making slipcovers are using HD’s drop cloth due to it’s cheap price and casual,easy material.

Before pix:





And after.  Gotta cut me some slack on the fit, it’s the first real sewing project I’ve done with my sewing machine in like 30 years!





I was so happy to have completed this without seriously throwing my sewing machine out the back door, that I didn’t push to add some trim work. However, now that I’m getting more familiar with my machine, I’m tempted to go back and add some trim to jazz up the piece a little. The next transformation will be to make a slipcover out of white cotton twill for a more class slipcover look. I’d like to try to add pleats to the look, but that may push my luck and the sewing machine will go flying out the window!

But since I was in such a good mood for having completed my little ottoman project, I decided to make new pillow covers for some pillows that I wanted to put on my front porch bench. Here is the before:





And the after:

and how they look on my bench. Pretty!





That’s what I love about blogging. There are so many bloggers out there that you can learn from.

My next post will be to show the changes going on in my Dining room. Sneek peek: