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I’m finally getting a free moment to post about getting the Christmas tree. It was such a nice change of pace in getting a tree this year considering that for that last 5 years we had a fake (gasp!) flocked 10′ tree in our previous home. I didn’t feel too too bad about that since our kids were out of the house, therefore no Christmas tradition was being tossed out on its rear end.

Usually, every year it was a contest between my husband and I about where to get a Christmas tree (I won, always!). The hubby would love nothing better than to hit the Home Depot parking lot and pick up a $25 tree. However, that is not a Christmas tradition I had any intention of allowing, so it was off to a Christmas tree farm/lot to find a tree. One year we actually cut down a tree, but I fell under it so the hubby was like no more of that.

This year was especially nice since we have our grandson, Chase with us so this was his first opportunity to go on a Christmas tree hunt for the ‘perfect’ tree. He was nervous at first to actually walk between the trees, but when he realized the big prickly thing wasn’t going to grab him, he got into the spirit of running thru the trees!

I didn’t really get a chance this year to really plan out my Christmas tree and what holiday ornaments. I think I just figured that what I used on the flocked tree would work or at best, the older classic ornaments would work. However, when we finally got the tree up, the ornaments I had for the flocked tree were not going to work, the scale was just off. So the older ornaments would have to do but I didn’t have enough and I would need to get more from Target as well as more string lights.  Next year, I’ll give myself more time to figure out my decor.

So, here are some photos of the tree set up and decorations. Enjoy.

"Grandpa, you need to twist that shiny thingy"


Chai the kitty thinking "How many men does it take to set up a tree?"

And just snapshots of trees from yonder years.
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