Hello all,

Yup, it’s the time of the year (or in my case, well past it) where a large majority of us are pulling down Christmas decorations from the attic, running out to find the perfect Christmas tree and baking up a storm to make tons of tidbits to snack on!

This is the first Christmas in our new house so it’s turning already into a bit of a challenge to figure out where stuff should go. I’m finding that this house’s character is just so different from our previous house that I may need to rethink how my decor is going to have to change.

So getting started first is my mantle. I’ll post separately for the other areas.

Using basically just what decorations I had in storage and what my local Target store was willing to sell me (yea, no matter how much stuff I’ve got, I still end up buying more every freakin’ year!) this is what I pulled together for now for my mantle. I started with the basic blank slate.

Then I gathered up all my mercury glass voltives, some fake cranberries for the tall candle cylinders, branch trimmings saved when trimming our Christmas tree, a couple silver candle sticks with dove candles and of course the family stockings. I left the Paris map alone but I’m thinking about adding something over it. It needs some ‘bling’ or somthing.

I’m a BIG fan of the flameless candles. I’m looking to purchase more of the flameless tealight candles but the ones that are on a timer, so I’m saving some of the battery life.

Also, just to mix it up, I’m including photos on how I updated my front porch planter into a more festive look. I just gathered a large square of burlap up and over the planter, tucked in the edge into the top soil, gathered a red ribbon I had and tied it up, tossed in some fake poinsettas and some glittered branches. I added my REAL ivy (can’t believe it’s still alive!) from my Halloween decor and Viola!

I still have lots more to do for the front porch, so stay tuned!
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