Pinterest is a great place to collect design pictures. One of the advantages of collecting these pictures is that it may start to show you a pattern of what style of design you’re drawn to.  When looking at my Living Room design board on Pinterest, I also started seeing a pattern developing.

I find that I like a light open space. Soft neutral colors or if color is introduced, the palette is monochromatic, not a lot of variety.

I also tend to lean towards the use of wood in the design.I like how the element brings a certain warmth and ‘grounding’ to the space, especially when the volume of the room is very spacious. Symmetry is also very important to me. I tend to like a visual balance in a room. That might be why I’m drawn to traditional design.

Although I like traditional, as shown in the photos, I like when something unique or off the cuff is introduced in order to spice up the design a bit. While I’m coming up with how to redecorate my house, I’m going to continue to rely on my Pinterest collection to help guide me in what direction I should heading for.