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One of the reasons for starting this blog was to document my ideas about how I wanted to design my home. My day time job certainly pays the bills but it’s design that is my passion.
To give you all some perspective, my husband and I spent most of our marriage (almost 18 years) in 1 house. I always wanted the kids to feel like they had a family home to come back to. Well, we eventually had an opportunity to buy the ‘dream’ house once the kids were out of the house and sold the family home.
We enjoyed the dream home for 6 years but realized that our kids were starting families and we wanted to be in a position to be closer and more financially able to help them. Sold the house and bought a newer home in the next town over.
So, anyone who’s ever moved after more than 26 years of marriage knows that you have a lot of stuff! I still have decor from the dream home that simply will not fit into this house. Therefore, I’ve decided to start over for the most part.
With this new house, I inherited a house that was formerly decorated in a French country style. I was coming from a home decorated more in the ‘plantation island’ theme. I’m having to reassess what I have that will work and what’s going to change.
I have this vision in my head on what I wanted to design around. A monochomatic color scheme, dark furniture with white upholstery, dark wood floors and sisal rugs everywhere.
Lets’ see how I can modify that look with this house when I have different colored walls in this house, carpets and builder’s grade tile floors.
I’ve bought some new furniture but need to stay focused on one room at a time. So I’m focusing on the living room.
In this house, I no longer have a Library like in the previous home, so I decided to make the Living room more multi-functional and I’m adding in a built-in bookcases.
So, the biggest item has been acquired but more to work on.

I need to ‘decorate’ the bookcase, but I usually like to play around. You’ll see from the Living Room Mood board that I created where I’m trying to go with the room.

But like everything in life, paths can change direction at any time. Let’s see how I do. Enjoy.