Hi all,

I’m finally getting this post up and running. Decisions, decisions, decisions. What picture should I put as a header, what should I even call my blog, what text color do I want. Gosh, I just want to post pictures of my design redos as I create them, but all the prep work in getting a blog started, can be a little daunting. Kinda of like painting. It’s the prep work that’s a killer and not the actually paint job!

We purchased our home in April of this year and I’m just now getting a feel on what changes I want to start making. I inherited a home decor that was French, with lots of toile and rooms painted different colors, so it’s been a bit of a challenge to see which direction I am interested in. So far, I’m pursuing a bit of the French, semi-informal. We’ll see where I land! So for now, welcome and I hope you enjoy my journey as I pursue creating a little Eden in my home.